As an independent automotive journalist, Chad is working on a variety of different websites and blogs covering the automotive industry. Here’s a list of his current and past projects for your reference.

Average Car Guy

In addition to the websites listed below that Chad contributes to, he’s also the owner and operator of a car related website called Average Car Guy. Here, Chad reviews cars, covers the latest news, and provides opinion on the automotive topics of the day.


Current Projects

Internet Brands Automotive

Chad is currently working with Internet Brands Automotive on a variety of their sites. Here’s a list of the sites he’s currently contributing to and links to his author pages on each site.

Other Projects

In addition to the work with Internet Brands Automotive, Chad is working on the following projects.

Past Projects

In the past, Chad has worked with the following websites and blogs for content. Where applicable, there will be a link to the author page on each site. Otherwise, the link will be to the homepage of that site.